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LocalMasjid.co.uk is an independent website, set up by local Muslims, based in Whalley Range, Manchester. Looking to bring the Muslim and none Muslim community together as one. To work together and help guide and educate Muslims and none Muslims alike in Islam.

We're here for the community, regardless of race, creed or colour. The whole point of setting up this website is to be more accessible to the community at large and try help in anyway possible.

It doesn't even have to be about Islam, even if we just share positive thoughts, suggestions, help one another, help the community, this in itself would be a wonderful thing.

Note: As of Thursday 24th January 2013, we've started the
'Local Masjid Homeless Project' #LMHP as well as the
'Local Masjid Community Project' #LMCP of which
more details can be found here, at the 'Charity News' link.

Why not check out the Home page and see our Twitter feed with daily Hadith updates, also a link is present for LIVE INTERNET BROADCAST

Much more to come, WATCH THIS SPACE!!!

For any information, assistance, guidance, please do not hesitate to call

Muhammad Manzoor on:

Call: 07946715023