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This page is dedicated to charities in need, Local as well as nationally.
LocalMasjid.co.uk , helping where it can

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Local Masjid Homeless Project
Local Masjid Community Project

Local Masjid.co.uk is starting a weekly food distribution service for the homeless in
South Manchester and the City Centre of Manchester. The first day of distribution
will be Thursday 24th January 2013 approx 9pm, in-sha-Allah (God willing).
This is a Local project, with people from the Local and surrounding areas,
donating money, goods and or time alhamdulillah (Praise be to Allah/God),
towards this project and every Thursday after.

Due to the need and demand for the food parcels, we're looking to increase
the days and time of day we offer this service. As well as getting food out to
the homeless, we're also going to be looking for single parent families,
elderly and destitute who might need help. If you know of anyone that we
could reach out to, then please do not hesitate in contacting me on the number below.

Also we're now setting up support for new Muslims, this is so important, as new Muslims come in the faith of Islam, they need to be guided and nurtured. It's down to the Muslim community to help and support these individuals. As we're already concentrating on food, we've decided to ensure these individuals get halal food.
If you would like to register your interest in helping, please contact me.
Looking for individual families able to give a plate/parcel of food from whatever it is you've cooked that day, as and when needed. We will be looking to set up a kitchen catering for this need on a daily basis, for which we will also be looking for help with. In-sha-Allah

**Also on the lookout for kitchen facilities to use on a weekly basis,
am and pm, times and days will vary according to the need.**

If you would like to make a donation of services/time/goods
please don't hesitate in contacting me,
Manzoor on 07946715023.

Acc Name:.....Local Masjid.co.uk
Acc Sort Code:................20-26-20
Acc No:..........................53268373

**Please use reference: LMHP or LMCP or reason for donation. So as we can
ensure it goes to the right/chosen cause**

Or Paypal Email: [email protected]


SKT Welfare Formula Milk Collection

We, with the help of the community in South Manchester,
managed to collect 384 boxes of formula milk in 6 DAYS!!, for babies in Syria.
Thank you to everyone for your help, donations.
Absolutely humbled with the response. This milk was forwarded
onto SKT Welfare, who took the milk along with thousands more
donated and many other much needed bits of medical equipment
including ambulances, all by road.

You can also go online at www.sktwelfare.org/donate
and donate towards this on going cause.